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March 29, 2013


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please send me this programm's link

Rakesh Rao

You can download GeoTools for AutoCAD from this URL:

And for BricsCAD from this URL:

Hope this helps. Let me know.


hi good day...why i cant install the software in Autocad it possible to install it in Autocad 2015?

Rakesh Rao

Hi Mark,

Absolutely. You can install GeoTools & CADPower on all version of AutoCAD from 2016 down until 2007.

Send me an email on rakesh(dot)rao(at) and I will help you out.

Best Regards
Rakesh Rao



Is it possible to install this and use it on autocad lt?


this program free?

Rakesh Rao

This program GeoTools is absolutely free of cost for the first 30-days of use.

If you run out of the 30-days, you can install it on another computer.

abdul hameed

Good Day

I installed GeoTools in my computer using AutoCad 2010.
Pls let me know UTM Zone number Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.

Rakesh Rao


The UTM Zone number for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is 37Q

Do use GeoTools conversion module and see if it works for you.

I can help if required.

I am in Dubai next 1 week. You can contact me there.

Best Regards

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